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U.S. Trunk Liners: FAST FACTS

                  - High Sided Cargo Liners Protects floor sides and back seats
                  - Made to the make model and year of you vehicle
                  - Can even extend to the back of the driver and passenger seat
                  - Prevents dog hair, dirt, sand, mud from getting in your carpet
                  - The cargo liner is not attached to your vehicle
                  - The sides of the line will not fall down
                 - Very east to Clean, can be removed in seconds



2011 Yukon Denali

"Best Liner on the market! Easy to hose off or vacuum/sweep out in place. Will last forever. Economical to buy, most durable, and easiest to keep clean. Thank you

This Product is Great.

Now I can take the boys wherever i go and don't have to worry about dog hair and dirt getting in my new Yukon carpet. Just like u said. Thanks again 

2009 Toyota Matrix

Hi Anthony, Liner is installed into the Toyota Matrix and I did it by myself! Really easy to do. Just as I imagined! Well done! Now my car is (almost) dog proof!

2010 Hyundai Santa Fe

My 2 little dogs love it. Now I don't have to spend hours trying to clean the dog hair out of my carpet. Now I can take my little boys anywhere with no worries.

Audi Q5

The trunk liner is perfect for my new Audi Q5. A snap to assemble and just as you described. Ordered on Tuesday and rec'd on Thursday. Thank you for your courteous, informative and quick service.

Hauling Debris

Just received and installed a cargo liner. Terrific product to haul loads of landscape debris without trashing the sides or seat backs. Glad you changed to snaps from Velcro, so much easier

Honda Fit

Here is a pic of my Honda Fit with your Liner. I have stuff in it to represent the working man. This has already saved my inside of my car. It traps everything for me to vacuum up. No scratches, or rips on my seats. It is awesome and a great idea, thanks again! 

Great Product

This has made my day. No more trying to vacuum dog hair out of carpet, total protection, inexpensive and super easy to set up, remove and reinstall. Thanks for your great product and service.

Made to the make, model and year of your vehicle. At US Trunk Liners we make a high sided liner for SUV's Mini Vans, wagons, hatchbacks and Crossovers.

Our Cargo Liner's are made from a polypropylene plastic that will not break or crack. The sides will not fall down! This is because the material wants to go back to it's regular shape, which is flat. So it will just hug the sides of your vehicle. Even if the temperature is very hot or very cold, the sides will not fall down. The Trunk/Cargo Liner is not attached to your car, it is a free standing. You get protection on the floor, sides and back seats. It is excellent for preventing Dog hair, dirt, mud, and sand from getting in your vehicles carpet. The liner has a smooth finish so because of that we cut to fit a anti-slip mat that goes on the floor of the liner. (The mat is made from a natural rubber) This is to prevent your dog or groceries from sliding around. We also have an expandable liner that goes behind the 2nd row seat and when you put the sides down the liner will extend or telescope to the back of the driver and passenger seat. When you want to use the 2nd row seat just pick up the anti-skid mat and push the cargo liner to the back and the it will fit perfectly behind the 2nd row seat. You will also have your cargo area as normal behind the 2nd row seat. For bigger SUV's and Mini Vans the sides can detach so you can load from either side door. There is also the bumper protector that is attached under the liner. The bumper protector is made from a puncture resistant material, very flexible that prevent dogs from scratching your bumper. When you are not using it just flip it into the vehicle and put it under the anti-slip mat. The liner will not scratch the hard plastic on the sides of your vehicle because it has smooth finish. Most of all the cargo liner will give you total protection, keep you new or leased car clean for a long time. We have a money back guarantee.